my name is  e m i l y ,  a 20 year old Edmonton, Alberta native.

                                       + a left-handed list maker
                                       + a frequent coffee-shop goer
                                       + a lover of plants
                                       + a daughter of the gracious and loving King
                                       + an esteemed sentimentalist

but most passionately, I am a creative photographer who strives to  c a p t u r e  the details of 
special, uncontrived moments just before they are carried away with the hustle + bustle 
of the world. my goal is to  t a k e   c a p t i v e   the beauty in everyone and everything 
with every photograph. i believe in the unexpected because some of the best things life has 
offered have been those that are  u n f o r e s e e n.

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