due to my camera being in the shop waiting to be mended, i guess some writing will have to suffice and be a stand-in for the lack of preferred photographs. so tonight, i’ll share what i have been learning as of lately. annnnd it’s super blistery/snowy/cold outside, and i feel like writing is what you’re supposed to do when it’s gross out.


when you stop thinking of yourself, you are able to love others more. so many good and wonderful things begin with humbling yourself. this truly is my deepest desire: to simply love people. when you become selfless, other people’s needs are placed above your own, you begin to want only the best for them, and loving them comes easy. i’ve come to the common knowledge that due to our human and sinful flesh, humility doesn’t come naturally. our tendency is to be just the opposite: prideful and selfish. thus, we have to push against what is natural to achieve what’s best and most desirable in the eyes of God. working where i work, interacting with people is what i do [and love] the most. and believe me, sometimes that person wanting a triple shot nonfat no foam latte paying with a fifty while furrowing his brow, or the person who doesn’t say hi, thank you, or goodbye, is a little difficult to genuinely love. but maybe they are hard to love because they have a past that involves everything but love; more than likely, there’s a deeper reason why they portray themselves the way that they do, and really, who am i to judge. i shouldn’t be doing anything but loving them with unhesitant love. how can you be genuine, caring, and unpretentious when you’re bleeding pride and dressing in self-admiration. and i’m learning bit by bit, slowly but surely, to rid myself of those things.

james writes “but He gives a greater grace. therefore it says, ‘God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble.’” (4:6) and in 4:10, he writes, “humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.” matthew 18:4 also says that “whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

hope you all enjoyed my first writing piece on this blog of mine. now everyone include that i get my camera back as soon as possible in the their bedtime prayers [haha].


in black + white

out of all the things you can do to alter a photograph, making them black + white is my true love and most prefered. desaturating can add mystery; forces you to imagine what it would look like in real life. the monochromatic colour palette adds simplicity and undeniable beauty to whatever may be in the frame, making it feel timeless.

one. VintageChick Show - calgary, alberta
two. the shore of san jose, costa rica
three. summer sun - alberta
four. sticking together - fredericksberg, texas
five. raging weeds, texas size - comfort, texas
six. a beloved tin cup at the VintageChick Show - calgary, alberta
seven. deserted acre - comfort, texas
eight. canola fields in august - alberta
nine&ten. taking back the beauty of His work - san jose, costa rica

i thought tarzan was nice. but i guess i thought wrong.

that’s a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye and flash holder, folks. from who knows when.   
i don’t drink rye but if i did, i’d drink it out of this exquisite bottle.

would i ever pass the salt and pepper if they were in these adorable things.

although such antique malls can be overwhelming, i thoroughly delighted in spending a couple of hours in this one.