Kodak Portra 400

I, in no way, have mastered the art that is film. But it does many things for me. It forces me to slow down, take my time, give it all in one burst. It also allows me to practice the creation of quality over quantity. And lastly, film gets me to a place of being uncomfortable (because I'm much more comfortable with my dslr, being able to look at all 27 shots of one tree...) which stretches me as a photographer and artist.  The start of this roll was in the end of winter until now, the heart of summer - so, longly awaited haha.


pt. 2 // Chelsea, Staten Island + the Brooklyn Bridge


Graduation 2014 // Edmonton, AB

Exactly three weeks ago, I watched my sister walk down the staircase. The staircase I walked down when I graduated high school three years ago. The staircase you carelessly run down when someone you've been anxiously awaiting is at the front door. The staircase we'd be walking down on each of our wedding days. Though just a staircase, the amount of sentimental value it holds blows it's physical significance out of the water. I can't tell you how many teary eyes and full hearts have been at the bottom of those stairs. So on this day in May, gasps were ushered, hugs were embraced, and an "oh my gosh, you're hot" was had from me... Couldn't help itttttt. Like, could you? Nooo. I'm so proud of Rachel for working hard and pulling through the woes of high school. And now it's finished! And soon, she'll be on a plane, passport and backpack in hand, flying over the Pacific waters to Hawaii for YWAM, starting her life adventure off right. I love you and you'll always be my best friend. 

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