Elk antler / Kiss My Aster / Typography Sketchbooks
Not really my most delicate or collective piece haha, but this allows me to always be connecting and sharing things (like on my Instagram) that are important to me. It also means I always have SOME sort of camera on me!

Favourite pieces at the moment.
Delicate rings are my jammm. Gold knuckle rings from Spring //  Thin silver from Oak + Fort
ZARA's perfume in Black
Canon AE-1 // Getting ready for New York in the spring! // My grandpa hand built this wooden box for me as well as his other 8 granddaughters. Thankful. 

To me, my room has always been my space to play with, to collect things in, to escape to. And living at home still, it's my one true place where I can express my love for the most delicate, intrinsic, and story-telling pieces collected from years past. One day when I have my own space entirely, I wish to fill it with similar pieces; making my mark as a creative individual. 

Vase from a vintage boutique in Seattle // Have had this cactus farm for two years. Yeahhh. 
I passionately believe that an unmade bed is the comfiest bed.
Candle votive from Anthropologie
Issue 9 // Issue 10
Dreaming of when I was in the mountains this past fall. Need to head back ASAP. 

Turn my eyes to see Your face
As all my fears surrender
Hold my heart within this grace
Where burden turns to wonder